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West Point Market's Holiday Flavor for 2020 has arrived: The Christmas Crush Triple-Layer Brownie! Made with our fudgy brownie and bits of peppermint, it's the holiday treat you won't want to miss. Available only through the holidays.


Alert: We are currently out of stock on the Creme de Menthe. We apologize for the inconvenience.

West Point Coffee now available for order:
1 lb bags ground and whole bean. Purchase 4 or more and receive free shipping! Purchase 2 or more 1 lb. coffees and receive a complimentary brownie of your choice.


To specify gift card sentiments and/or tell us your flavor choices when ordering Gift Boxes, please use the "Add A Note" feature in your shopping cart.

Mix and match to create a box of up to 10! Any order more than 10 (or less than a multiple of 10) will be shipped in a separate box. 

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Original Triple-Layer Brownie
They're back! West Point Market's Original Triple-Layer Brownies: Two layers of thick, fudgy brownies full of dark chocolate chips combined with a rich layer of caramel topped with walnuts...Yum!
Original No-nut Triple-Layer Brownie
The Original West Point Market Triple-Layer Brownie, but without nuts. The same thick, fudgy brownie with a layer of rich caramel, but for those who prefer their brownies without nuts.
Peanut Butter Triple-Layer Brownie
It's the West Point Market Peanut Butter Triple-Layer Brownie, but better! Two layers of thick, fudgy brownies together with a layer of peanut butter filling equals a taste that's out of this world! Topped with peanuts, peanut butter chips and dark chocolate chips, this is the ultimate for fans of peanut butter.
Creme de Menthe Triple-Layer Brownie
Alert: We are currently out of stock on the Creme de Menthe. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Fans of mint will love this Triple-Layer Creme de Menthe Brownie from West Point Market. A layer of sweet, cool mint holding two rich, deep chocolate brownies together; one bite results in a burst chocolate mint...heaven!
Ruby Red Raspberry Triple-Layer Brownie
West Point Market takes its Original Raspberry Triple-Layer Brownie, and kicks it up a notch! Real raspberry filling, of course, along with our thick, fudgy brownies, but the real surprise? Callebaut's RB1 chocolate on top.

Developed by the Swiss chocolatier for over 10 years, RB1 was created from the red cacao bean, resulting in a new kind of chocolate made with all natural color. Raspberry in flavor (but with subtle strawberry notes), it complements the raspberry filling magnificently.
Triple-Layer Blondie
A variant of the brownie, West Point Market's Original Triple-Layer Blondie hits all your favorite notes: Warm vanilla, sweet brown sugar, rich caramel, nutty macadamias, butterscotch chips...tempted yet? You should be; our Blondies are in a class all by themselves!
Bourbon Pecan Triple-Layer Brownie
Ahhh...West Point Market's Triple-Layer Brownie, for grown-ups!

Our brownie gets a little boozy, with Maker's Mark bourbon and pecan halves layered between our original brownie. The filling is sweet and mellow, with a touch of Southern sophistication.

Order yours today!
Cherry Amaretto Triple-Layer Brownie
Our original triple-layer brownie gets sophisticated! This time we take our dark fudge brownie, layer it with our buttercream filling blended with Amaretto liqueur and whole Michigan red tart cherries, then top it with crushed almonds.

Delectable, delicious and decadent!
Kona Kahlua Triple-Layer Brownie
Mornings are hard. You need your coffee.

This morning, don't just have coffee, but coffee + Kahlua. Wrapped in West Point Market's thick, fudgy chocolate brownie...mmm.

Topped with espresso chocolate, our thick, triple-layer brownie featuring rich, robust coffee plus Kahlua's coffee liqueur is a taste worth waking up for!
Christmas Crush Triple-Layer Brownie
New: Our Holiday 2020 Flavor!

Nothing says the holidays like the sharp flavor of peppermint, and our Triple-Layer Christmas Crush brownie delivers!

Made with bits of peppermint for an extra satisfying burst of peppermint with every bite, this is sure to please even the hardest-to-please person on your gift list.

But buy it now, before it's too late, because after the holidays...it'll be gone.
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An Akron, Ohio icon since 1936, West Point Market's reputation for exceptional customer service and quality items made with only the finest ingredients was legendary.

Today West Point Market continues its long tradition of excellence online, bringing customers old and new the store's signature item, the West Point Market Triple-Layer Brownie.



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