• Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail.

  • Shipping is a flat $9.99 charge per order of up to 10 within the state of Ohio

  • Shipping outside the state of Ohio is a flat 15.00 per order of up to 10

  • Learn more about How We Ship


All brownies are handcrafted with care, with each batch individually created and baked, one batch at a time. We use no artificial ingredients or preservatives - all brownies are made with only the finest quality ingredients.

We do everything we can to ensure that your delivery arrives as quickly as possible. Brownies are shipped frozen for maximum freshness. All brownies are individually wrapped in a resealable freezer bag.

Please keep them refrigerated upon arrival.


Brownies will last for two weeks in the refrigerator, 3 months in the freezer.


We accept all major credit cards via PAYPAL.

Frequently asked questions

General Questions

Is the WPM Bar Spread available?

In the future, we are hoping to expand our product line to include the cheese spreads and maybe a few other WPM favorites, as well.

Why is the billing address the same as the shipping address?

By default, PayPal assumes the shipping information is the same as the billing information. If you're using PayPal and want to ship to a different address (different from your billing address), you need to *unselect the blue box directly below the Billing Address*. This will allow you to enter the correct shipping address.

Questions About the Brownies

Who's making the brownies?

All brownies are made by third-generation owner, Rick Vernon.

What flavors are available?

Currently we are offering West Point Market Original Triple-Layer Brownies, No-nut Triple-Layer Brownies, Raspberry Triple-Layer Brownies, Peanut Butter Triple-Layer Brownies, Original Triple-Layer Blondies, and Creme de Menthe. We'll be offering special, limited edition flavors from time to time - sign up for our News Alerts to find out before we formally announce them!

Will there be other flavors?

Subscribers to our News Alerts will receive advance notice of Limited Edition flavors and new Holiday favorites. Not a subscriber? Sign up now and get notified before everyone else!

Can I order a pan of brownies?

Yes. However, we are currently only offering this option to anyone living in the Akron, Ohio area. If you are interested in placing a pan order, please email us for more information.

I live in Akron. Can I order brownies online and pick them up?

We are no longer offering this option. Thanks to increased volume, we are now able to offer shipping for $9.99 within the Akron area (which includes Northeast Ohio).

Why is the shipping so expensive?

Because there are no additives or artificial flavors in our brownies, they are shipped USPS Priority Mail, which will get your package to you within 2-3 days*. They are shipped individually wrapped and frozen, to ensure they arrive fresh. *Please note: Shipping times may vary due to circumstances beyond our control, and as a result of weather or other issues with the United States Postal Service.

How many brownies can I order at one time?

Order as many as you like! We are now shipping in boxes of up to 10. If you order less than a full box (or more than 10 but less than 20, 30, etc.), you will still be charged the full $9.99 or $15.00 shipping charge. We are working to be able to accommodate different order sizes eventually; please sign up for our News Alerts to receive notification of when this happens.


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