The 4 and 8 pack gift boxes are our most popular items, but you can order from 1-10 Triple-Layer Brownies per box. 

We ship USPS Priority Mail with delivery in 1 to 3 days. Regular shipping is $9.99 within Ohio and $12.00 for out of state.


All brownies are individually wrapped and packaged in Ziploc bags for added freshness. 

Upon arrival, please refrigerate.


4-, 8-, and 10-pack gift box specials are $28, $46, and $49.95 with gift wrap and gift card.

Individually Wrapped

Wrapped in heavy weight premium wax paper to maintain freshness.

Gift Box

Our gift box. Gift wrap available.

4 Pack

All brownies are shipped in Ziploc bags to keep fresh in the fridge or freezer. Also wrapped in bubble wrap for added protection.

8 Pack

Up to 10 brownies can be shipped per box.

10 Pack

Each brownie is approximately 1/3 lb. and can serve two.

Box for Gift Box

Each gift box is shipped in a USPS Priority Mail box.

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